Not To Be Missed Activities in the Cayman Islands

Is your family planning a vacation to the Cayman Islands? Lucky you! For the list of things to do in Grand Cayman is long, so be sure that you plan your visit accordingly.

Starfish Point Grand Caymans

The crystal clear warm waters, the sunshine, tropical weather along with the variety of wildlife encounters are sure to exceed your imagination. Without any doubt, it is one of the best destinations in the world for families and friends to spend time together.

Where Are The Cayman Islands?

Located in the western Caribbean Sea, directly below Cuba and northwest of Jamaica are the Cayman Islands. They comprise 3 islands namely Grand Cayman – the largest of the islands, known for its beach resorts, scuba diving and snorkeling, Cayman Brac – popular for deep-sea fishing, and Little Cayman – great for wildlife encounters. Back in the year 1503, when Christopher Columbus first discovered this vacation gem, he gave this island the name chain Las Tortugas due to the abundance of sea turtles that can be spotted here.

When on vacation to this elegant islands, be sure not to miss out on 5 of the top things that everyone likes to experience:

STARS ON LAND – Your Caribbean vacation will be incomplete if you have not visited Star Fish Point in Grand Caymans – unique tourist attraction. Starfish Point is a breathtaking expanse of beach found on the northern coast of Grand Cayman. Enjoy the startlingly white sand, the clear turquoise water, and the starfish aplenty in the shallows. This beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, snorkeling, and taking lots of pictures and selfies. Guests can take in the mesmerizing views of the lush green surroundings while they learn about the abundant red starfish populating the area.

SWIM WITH DOLPHINS – Located in the beautiful Cayman Islands, Yachts Caymans always recommends one of the most interactive swimming experiences with dolphins. The dolphins are so beautiful and endearing, and the tricks that the trainers have taught them are absolutely amazing. You can also grab the golden opportunity to hold onto the dorsal fin of a dolphin as it takes you on a speed ride through the water. Share an adorable kiss, unbelievable hug, fast belly ride and the coolest foot push ever with this friendly animal. Do not miss this once in a lifetime experience where you’ll watch lovely dolphins interact with visitors.

GET PERSONAL WITH STINGRAYS – Have you ever wanted to pet a stingray? Well, you can via Yachts Caymans on a Stingray City Trip to Grand Cayman. Visitors get to touch, feed and observe our wild and friendly stingrays. They glide along the ocean floor on a magnificent coral reef surrounded by colorful tropical fish. Stingrays swim freely with visitors in shallow water surrounding the reef, so both swimmers and non-swimmers can enjoy this unique and memorable experience. The Stingray City Trip is open for all ages and makes the perfect family-friendly activity during your time at Grand Cayman.

GO SNORKELING OR SCUBA DIVING – To have a world class scuba diving and snorkeling experience, Cayman Islands are the ideal destination as they boast pristine coral reefs, breathtaking wall dive destinations, and spectacular snorkel sites. Crystal clear waters and an abundance of friendly tropical fish make Cayman the ideal destination for those seeking adventurous and thrilling underwater action. The most visited dive destination in Little Cayman is Bloody Bay Marine Park Cayman, which is the most breathtaking drop-off in the Caribbean Sea. There are plenty of exhilarating adventures waiting for you in the Cayman Islands.

CATCH THE FISH – The waters around the Cayman boast spectacular marine life, giving visitors plenty of opportunities to get out on the sea for a day of reef fishing, shore fishing, drift fishing, and deep sea fishing activities. Expect to catch yellowtail, snapper, blue runner, and barracuda in your Grand Cayman reef fishing trip. Do not miss the chance to try your hand at light tackle and fly fishing activities. You can also do the fishing activities near the shore and popular catches there include tarpon, bonefish, pompano, and barracuda. A don’t pass up an opportunity to go after the big monsters when you try your hand at deep sea fishing. The fishing grounds of the Caymans are a paradise for anglers who wish to have a wonderful fishing experience.

These activities such as fishing in the crystal clear waters with a hope to catch yellowtail, snapper, blue runner, and barracuda, looking for the footprints that the red starfish leaves in Starfish Point Grand Caymans, exploring the marine life in abundance at the elegant coral reefs and many others ought not to be missed while on a yacht charter vacation in the Cayman Islands.

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