Don’t Miss Out on Snorkeling at These Spots While Vacationing in Cayman Island

The three islands of Cayman archipelago: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer some of the best Caribbean snorkeling opportunities. Located on the Western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands are home to amazing colorful reef formations, beautiful coral gardens, and an abundance of sea life. These all together offer excellent snorkeling adventures to enthusiastic snorkelers and adventure-seekers alike. If you want to spot the diversity of colorful reefs and marine species, then snorkeling in Coral gardens, Stingray City, USS Kittiwake is the must.

Coral Gardens Snorkeling

You can experience the best coral reef snorkeling in these destinations of Cayman Islands:

CORAL GARDENS – Located on the inside of the barrier reef in the North Sound, Coral Gardens snorkeling is the most admired activity in the Cayman Islands. Its warm crystal clear waters are home to different types of colorful coral, amazing small creatures and reef fish of all shapes, sizes and colors including angelfish, blue tangs, grunts, yellowtails, sergeant majors and the comical-looking parrot fish. Every visitor will have an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

CEMETERY REEF – Make your way towards Cemetery Reef – another great snorkeling site. On the sandy bottom, the snorkelers can look for chunks of porous corals at regular intervals thus making it a haven for small and juvenile fish species. In & around the coral reefs in the Cemetery Reef snorkel site, the locals and travelers alike can also come across shoals of parrotfish, sergeant majors and even the elusive reef shark.

EDEN ROCK & DEVIL'S GROTTO – Another popular snorkel and scuba site is located just south of George Town in Grand Cayman. Eden Rock is home to hulking coral heads thus making it perfect for snorkelers and underwater photographers. Look for blue and stoplight parrotfish, yellowtail snapper and sergeant majors. Explore exotic flora, fauna and rare tropical fish including giant sea anemones, tarpon & silversides in their coral caves and interconnecting tunnels.

IRONSHORE GARDENS – Located on the South side of Grand Cayman, Ironshore Gardens is home to a mini-wall which is all decorated with huge coral reefs and sea fans. It also has narrow passages that lead travelers to an underwater maze where tarpon and horse eye jacks can be spotted. Ironshore Gardens also boasts an abundance of fish, especially silversides which are famous for swimming among the brilliantly colored reefs.

BEACH BAY – This beautiful sandy beach area is the most secluded bay on the island. If you want to try a snorkeling adventure here, it is recommended that you stay on the shore side of the reef. Have a look at all the nooks and crannies and you are sure to spot little inhabitants which make their home here. The most commonly spotted creatures include Damsel Fish, Tube Worms and Shrimp. You might also catch a glimpse of Stingrays or Turtles here as well.

RUM POINT – The area is famous for 5 different spots where the visitors can snorkel. Durgeon, Blue Tangs, Yellow Snapper are just a few of the fish species that you can spot here. If you keep on exploring more, you will come across two areas which are called the Coral Gardens and this spot offers some great under water photo opportunities. The best snorkeling here is done on the inside portion of the reef.

STINGRAY CITY – No snorkeling adventure in Grand Cayman is ever complete without a visit to the famous Stingray City. Here, you will be able to interact with these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. While you stand in warm, turquoise water, the stingrays will gently pass by as they look for food. You can even pet them, hold them and even kiss a stingray.

The waters surrounding the Caymans are generally calm with no currents, thus making them an ideal snorkeling location for snorkelers regardless of their skill levels. The azure waters around the Cayman Islands offer snorkelers the opportunity to explore beautiful coral reef formations, and enjoy Coral Gardens snorkeling while on their vacation trip to this Caribbean destination.

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