How To Plan Your Cayman Islands Vacation in & Around Rum Point

For pleasure-seekers across the world, Cayman Islands are ranked as the world's top vacation destinations which are home to developed beaches and pristine reefs. Regardless of the age, water-based activities remain among the top things to do on the Cayman Islands, with dolphin spotting, swimming with stingrays, and scuba diving amongst others. Stingray city, Starfish point and rum point in Grand Caymans ensure an ideal setting for relaxing family vacations.

Rum Point Grand Caymans

This is how you can plan to spend your Cayman Islands Vacation in & around Rum Point and other destinations with Yachts Caymans:

Spend a Day at Rum Point – A visit to the Cayman Islands will remain incomplete without a trip to Rum Point in the Grand Caymans. The clear and shallow water is perfect for children while adults have access to the top Caribbean water sports activities. Rum Point is famous for its mudslides, in fact, they were invented here so no visit to Rum Point is complete without sampling this delicious cocktail. As lunchtime rolls around, stop by the Wreck Bar and Grill and feast on favorites such as Caybrew fish and traditional Jerk Pork. The clear waters of Rum Point Beach make it the ideal beach for swimming in the Caribbean and offers the finest of snorkeling.

Spend a Day at Starfish Point – Situated on the north side of Grand Cayman, Starfish Point is speckled with sea stars. This beautiful stretch of beach is breathtakingly beautiful and perfect for snorkeling as it is surrounded by crystal clear water on all sides. There is a high number of starfish that inhabit these shallow waters. People go here to hold and take pictures with the starfish. Also at the same time make sure that you keep the starfish in water for their safety and preservation. Starfish naturally live here and regularly frequent the shallows looking for food. Soak your feet in the water all along the beach, and you will end up spotting the starfish from above the surface without a need for snorkeling gear.

Visit Stingray City – Interacting with stingrays in their natural habitat in the Caribbean is another popular activity amongst travelers and locals alike. The most famous and celebrated spot to swim with stingrays in the Caribbean is Stingray City – the largest of the Cayman Islands. Once you are in the water, hold some of the largest stingrays in the Caribbean. Referred to as "gentle giants" by most visitors, feeding stingrays on the sandbar is a must when visiting the Cayman Islands. You can even pet them, hold them and if brave enough, even kiss a stingray. A Grand Cayman Stingray City adventure is like no other! Not all stingrays are the same and each has its own personality.

Explore the Seven Mile Beach – Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is the most admired and the most beautiful beach in the world. Its gorgeous clear waters and coral sands still lure visitors from around the world. Consisting of soft white coral sand extending seven miles on the northern side of the capital George Town, it is not hard to find some of the best snorkel locations. This is the perfect place in the Caribbean islands to take in the panoramic views of the sunset. As the sun sets in the ocean and the sky changes colors, be sure to take pictures against the backdrop. Seven Mile Beach provides all travelers a chance to enjoy what the Cayman Islands are truly all about.

Don't Miss Out on Snorkeling at Smith Cove – This is the perfect beach location for all avid travelers where they can try snorkeling, barbecuing, or just hanging out in the sun. This gorgeous ocean inlet is popular for its azure waters, gorgeous rock formations and not to forget snorkeling. The sea is very clear and a variety of sea life can easily be spotted beneath the gentle waves. You can also watch the sun going down over the rocks and snorkel with huge tropical fish in between dives off the rocks into the waters below. All those who are looking for a pretty. quiet and isolated place, this is the perfect place to be!

The above-mentioned activities will make your vacation in Cayman Islands memorable and are perfect for all those looking for good hot spots in and around Rum Point in Grand Caymans.

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