Cayman Islands Will Surely Make Your Corporate Event a Memorable Fiesta

Looking for a unique location for your next business meeting or board retreat? Planning to reward your employees for a job well done? Yachts Caymans can help you plan the perfect corporate event on a yacht. Colleagues and clients alike will be impressed as you cruise through the azure waters of the Cayman Islands. If your team really wants to take in the real feeling of a Caribbean vacation, then Stingray City, Rum Point and Star Fish Point in Grand Caymans are must visit destinations. When planning a trip to the Cayman Islands, one can expect clean white sandy beaches with a mirror calm turquoise tropical ocean.

How To Make Your Corporate Event a Grand Success in Cayman Islands

VISIT STINGRAY CITY – If your employees are not a frequent visitor to the ocean, then they will surely fall in love with Stingray City. Once you are in the water, you can hold and pet some of the largest stingrays in the Caribbean. Referred to as "gentle giants" by most visitors, feeding stingrays on the sandbar is a must when visiting the Cayman Islands. You can even pet them, hold them and even kiss a stingray. No snorkeling adventure in Grand Cayman is complete without a visit to the famous Stingray City.

SPEND A DAY AT RUM POINT – All those looking to spend a day at the beach basking lazily in the sun, Rum Point is the perfect place to be. Known as the home of mudslides and the best location to try one, at Rum Point you can try some water-based activities in its crystal-clear waters. The area is famous for 5 different spots where the visitors can enjoy snorkeling. Lack Durgeon, Blue Tangs, and Yellow Snapper are just a few of the fish that will give you the best company while snorkeling here.

SANDY BEACHES & STARFISH POINT – Starfish Point in Grand Cayman is a secluded beach about an hour drive from Seven Mile Beach or easily reached by boat. There is a high number of starfish that inhabit these shallow waters. People go here to hold and take pictures with the starfish. Also at the same time, make sure that you keep the starfish in water all throughout the time you are holding them. Starfish Point in Grand Cayman is a breathtakingly beautiful location. Starfish naturally live here and regularly frequent the shallows looking for food.

VENTURING SEVEN MILE BEACH – Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is the most admired and perhaps the most beautiful beach in the world. Consisting of soft white coral sand extending seven miles on the northern side of the capital, George Town, it is not hard to find some of the best snorkeling locations. This is the perfect place in the Caribbean islands to take in the panoramic views of the sunset. As the sun sets in the ocean and the sky turns on its colors, click pictures against the backdrop. While at it, why not take a leisurely walk!

CAYMAN ISLANDS TURTLE CENTRE – The Cayman Turtle Center offers a unique relationship with nature through educational and memorable hands-on experiences. The park provides visitors with a unique opportunity to observe and interact with native gentle giants of the ocean. The Cayman Turtle Center is home to over 11,000 Green Sea Turtles ranging in size from six ounces to six hundred and fifty pounds. Educational, cultural and entertainment programs enhance the experience while on your visit to this attraction.

SNORKEL AT SMITH COVE – Smith Cove is a great beach location for snorkeling, barbecuing, or just hanging out in the sun. Smith’s Cove is a gorgeous ocean inlet known for its amazingly blue waters, gorgeous rock formations and snorkeling. Most of the year this west side area is protected from harsh weather making it calm and swimmable nearly every day. You can also watch the sun go down over the rocks and snorkel with huge tropical fish in between dives off the rocks into the waters below.

The aforementioned activities will surely allow your employees to have a gala time during this one of a kind corporate event. Plan your next company party with Yachts Caymans to offer something unique and different to your employees. Snorkeling in Smith Cove, visit to turtle center and face to face encounter with starfish at Starfish Point in the Cayman Islands will leave you spellbound.

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