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We have purposely grouped all of these events together since one leads to the next.  Whether you choose one or all of these once-in-lifetime events with us, Yacht Cayman value the opportunity to assist in making your dream a reality with the best Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Cayman.


It can be very difficult to come up with creative and unique marriage proposal ideas. So, if you want to make sure your proposal is as unique as your love story, then the best place to ask that Big Question to your future wife or husband is on a yacht charter in the Cayman Islands. In the middle of the Caribbean, under the beautiful blue sky and surrounded by spectacular views, pop the question “Will you marry me?” on your own private luxury private yacht charter Cayman.

Our private cruises on the stunning blue waters of the Cayman’s offer an unbeatable option for those seeking the most romantic way to propose in the most amazingly gorgeous and exotic setting. Our luxury charters provide the perfect setting for a private and romantic wedding proposal within some of the most dramatic coastal islands of the Cayman’s. We can add a special and more personal touch to your romantic cruise with a bottle of champagne, handmade chocolates, and beautiful flower bouquet to ensure your special day is truly memorable. Our professional photographer will capture every moment on your proposal day so that you can preserve the beautiful memories for a lifetime. Rest assured that you and your future partner will remember this extraordinary marriage proposal for a lifetime to come.

To learn more about your list of possibilities, call us at the number provided at the top of the page or email on the Contact form provided by first clicking on this link.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party in Cayman

Getting married? It sounds like time for one last hurrah with the girls or the boys. Celebrate your last day of 'being single' in one of a kind, stylish and unique way as you get ready to add a new dimension to your life, and perhaps the best way to do that is by hosting your bachelor/bachelorette party on a luxury yacht in Cayman. When you charter your own private yacht from Yachts Caymans, you and your closest friends get to enjoy your time cruising the stunning Cayman Islands with five-star cuisine, customized drinks, live entertainment, DJ, and personalized service.

We offer the largest and best selection of fully crewed yacht charters in Cayman for hosting Bachelor/Bachelorette parties Cayman. A party hosted on board one of our luxury Bachelorette/Bachelor Party in Caymans means unlimited fun with your best friends and uninterrupted memories. Our luxurious Bachelor/Bachelorette party yacht Cayman are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and have professional crews who will cater to your every need so that you and your special guests can dine on gourmet cuisine and sip on your choice of party drinks while enjoying the stunning views of the Cayman Islands.

To help you arrange the perfect Bachelor/Bachelorette party charter Cayman for your size group and specific requirements in Cayman, contact us by filling the Contact Form available in our Contact Us Page, or you can also email us at: specifying your queries.

Wedding / Reception

Warm sunshine, cool soothing breeze, shimmering waters, and the spectacular surroundings of Cayman will create an unforgettable ambiance and backdrop for your 'wedding day.' As you cruise on the Cayman waters aboard your own private wedding charter, your family and friends will experience your heartwarming wedding ceremony in the ever changing romantic scenery of this beautiful tropical paradise.

At Yachts Caymans, we understand that your wedding is a very special day for the two of you and your family and friends; therefore our only goal is to make your wedding and reception totally perfect. Our experienced wedding planners will make sure your special day is an absolute success by overseeing all the details – from decorations & arrangements to hosting & serving your guests. We will take your vision – your dream wedding – and create a unique, stellar event for your special day so that you & your partner cherish the moments forever, and your guests treasure the gift of being a part of your wedding ceremony.

What could be more romantic than getting married and exchanging vows on the stunning waters of Cayman on board your own private yacht charter? From a simple ceremony on the beach to an elaborate big day celebration in tropical locale, your Cayman yacht wedding will be both magical and unforgettable. Email us at with your queries related to our wedding charter services. We will be happy to assist you in planning your dream wedding event.



Whether you're planning a lavish party on a yacht or a private celebration to renew vows on your wedding anniversary, Yachts Caymans can help you plan the perfect anniversary party. Our luxury yacht charters with breathtaking backdrop of Cayman Islands provide the ideal setting for celebrating special memories on your anniversary.

Your wedding anniversary is a milestone that deserves a grand affair, so why not celebrate it in style on board our private luxury charters in Cayman. Our highly experienced party planners will work with you to plan every detail of your celebration. We will customize your anniversary party to your particular planning requirements - our in-house decorators will assist in arranging all of your decoration needs, executive chef will customize your gourmet menu, our professional crew will provide you tailored catering, beverage & entertainment services, and our on-board coordinator will take care of any special requests so you can relax and enjoy the party.

Show your true love and commitment to your partner and rejoice the moments together with friends and family, or surprise your parents/grandparents on their silver/golden/diamond wedding anniversary by throwing a party aboard our private yacht charters in Caymans. Email us at specifying your queries so that we can help you create your dream anniversary party experience on the stunning, warm waters of Cayman.

We also provide fishing charters in Caymans and Scuba Charter in Cayman.

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