Rum Point and Mudslides in Grand Cayman Go Together Like…

Once you have experienced it, you will understand why tourist believe that Rum Point in the Grand Caymans and Mudslides should always go together and exactly why this is considered a must visit destination. Whenever anybody plans a vacation, undoubtedly, the first question that pops up is “What is there to do there? The nice thing about visiting Grand Cayman is basking under the sunshine, strolling leisurely on the sands of the time, listening to the whispers of the waves, and relaxing on an island with a drink in hand. These are all just a few of the simple pleasures that contribute to making a good vacation great. The icing on the cake, however, just might be a fistful of mudslides at the Wreck Bar located at the destination Rum Point.

Rum Point Grand Caymans

On the north side of Grand Cayman Island, Rum Point is considered to be a family-friendly day excursion destination. No matter where your lodging is located on the island, it doesn't take long to reach this little slice of Caribbean Paradise. With beach chairs all lined up along the shore, shaded hammocks, rightly colored picnic tables and cocktails suitable for any palate.

You can sip on a fruity concoction and have scrumptious lunch, you can also burn down extra calories by snorkeling in the crystal clear water to spot sting rays, turtles and lots of fish. For if you are little more adventurous, then sailing on a glass bottom boat and diving with sting rays is the best activities to indulge in from this well-known tourist hot spot.

After the water sports activities, its time for a Mudslide cocktail

Out of all of the famous Caribbean beverages, one might wonder why the mudslide comes so highly recommended. Now let’s take a look at the Mudslide, indeed a legend in its own time.

For all those who are listening the word “mudslide” for the first time, you might be wondering what exactly it is? Mudslide here refers to a liquid desert which has: 1 part of Kahlua, 1 part of absolute vodka and 1.5 parts of Irish Cream Liquor. They are mixed and served COLD.

Whether you have had an opportunity to try this famous beverage in America or at any other bar in Grand Cayman, you have never had what is considered a true mudslide until you have had the chance to sip this tasty drink at the Wreck Bar in Rum Point. Cups of ice are FREE!! A decadent blend of vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, milk or cream and a cup of ice.

So how does a Mudslide taste?

It is refreshingly cold, yummy creamy, coffee-flavored slushy with a rum-and-whiskey-powered Caribbean kick. Its sweetness belies its potency. Before going back on the cruise, be sure to sooth your appetite.

How to reach?

Rum Point is a must visit attraction, whether by boat or by car.

1. Simply ask the captain of your charter, and he or she will know exactly where to take you.
2. If you happen to rent a car, then it will take you around 45 minutes to drive across the beautiful scenery of the Cayman Islands along the East End.

Spend an afternoon at Rum Point in the Grand Caymans by lounging on the beach and floating in the shallow water, or relaxing in a hammock after a mudslide and a Mahi sandwich! No doubt Rum Point is a gorgeous spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon and have the best time relaxing with family or friends in such a gorgeous location!

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