Explore the Adventure of Stingray City with Affordable Boat Rentals

Stingray City is an absolute “must visit” for any visitor to the Cayman Islands and undoubtedly, it is considered as one of the most popular attractions of these amusement-filled Islands. This beautiful and adventurous destination of Cayman is a home to southern stingrays that roam through the crystal clear water alluring thousands of visitors towards their both graceful and wild appearances. For making the exploration of these beautiful creatures more audacious and delightful, different boats rentals and yacht chartering options are available for Cayman Islands visitors.

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History of Stingray City

Named after the abundance of the stingrays in its see-through water, Stingray city had received frequent visits from local fishermen in the past where they would catch and discard fish remains while anchoring their boats in the calm shallow water of North Sound. In due course of time, the stingrays started to believe that there were plenty of free meals offered daily in certain spots of North Sound, so they started to return day after day upon hearing the sound of boat motors. Today, numerous stingrays visit this amazing site giving support to its name, Stingray city. Over the years, these creatures have become very friendly and will allow visitors to pet, hold and even feed them.

Interacting with the Stingrays

Southern Stingrays are popular for their big wingspans that can easily extend up to 2 meters and they are very smooth and silky to touch. Regarded as an amazingly gentle animal, the first instinct is to run away from danger whenever they have even the slightest suspicion. So, once at the site with your guide on your rented boat, your guide and crew will explain how you can efficiently interact with these big creatures. What they love the absolute most is to be fed from you with their favorite dining dish, squid. Feeding a Stingray from your hand is sure to be nothing less than a thrilling experience and one which will keep you coming back.

Touring to Stingray City and the Sandbar

Choosing the correct boat rental will not only help you in making your Stingray City excursion a truly unforgettable one, but it will allow for any other events that you may have planned for the day. These boats are accompanied with expert crew members that will take you to one or both of two separate locations of Cayman’s- Stingray city one which is located in up to 12-feet deep water and it is often ideal for the divers and snorkelers. The other location is the Stingray City Sandbar where calm shallow water is present and suitable for almost all age groups and non-swimmers. Picking a location or locations best suited for you can easily be done when choosing your boat rental for the Caymans while online where you can view a varied range of boats to make you excursion to this island a memorable one.

While online selecting your perfect private boat for the Caymans expedition, be sure to take a look at the many other fishing, dive and snorkeling sites offered in the Cayman area. Booking a private yacht will certainly guarantee a one of a kind special day with your friends and family as these trips are often combined with on board lunch and snorkeling stops as well.

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