Bloody Bay Wall is Perhaps one of the Best Scuba Destinations in Caymans

Bountiful Bloody Bay Wall is the most amazing vertical drop-off in the Caribbean

Bloody Bay Wall is regarded as one of the best scuba destinations in the Cayman Islands. It is the most breathtaking drop-off in the western hemisphere of the Caribbean islands. Savvy divers often describe this coral wall as one of the seven underwater wonders of the diving world. The park is actually home to 22 different sites, and most of them are deep. The dive sites at Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman are adorned by reefs and they are teeming with life. The water surrounding the area is famous for its spectacular clarity. No matter how many times you dive this place, Bloody Bay is indeed awesome and has something new to see with each visit.

SHALLOW DIVE SITES – Bloody Bay Wall makes shallow dives possible at a depth of 22 to 30 feet! The reef drops off steeply at the park's various dive sites, and in some spots, it is believed to go to a depth of almost 6,000 feet! The wall is so very vertical that you feel like a skydiver hanging in space. The visibility here is so clear that you can take in the eye-captivating views of the most amazing undersea panorama. Divers feel so small in the vastness of this towering cliff face. Beginners can enjoy the shallow sites along the wall as well.

DEEP WATER DIVE SITES – Deepwater dive sites are best suited for advanced divers. The reef can be spotted at a depth of around twenty feet, and there is plenty to see close to shore. The architectural aspects of this reef are impressive, and they attract more than just divers. The sloping reef is home to a wide variety of marine creatures. While the soft and hard corals cling to the cliff walls, you can also spot other mobile creatures such as eels, lobsters, tiny shrimp, and numerous tropical fish species. You can also get up close with some stingrays.


One of the key highlights of the wall is the brilliant array of exotically colored sponges. A rare form, bright-yellow tube sponges, are the purest that can only be spotted in Little Cayman and neighboring Cayman Brac walls. These can only be spotted in the beginning. As you travel far, you will notice cream-colored vase sponges, emerald-green tube sponges, red rope sponges and heart-shaped azure blue vase sponges. The color variations captivate the attention of all divers.


Bloody Bay Wall is home to more than a dozen dive sites that run along the edge of the wall and in parallel to the shoreline. The most popular are the three dive sites listed below.
Three Fathom Wall – It is the first most popular dive site of the Bloody Bay Wall. It is here that the divers reach the wall by traveling only 18 feet within. It is one of the few vertical drop-offs in the Caribbean that can be easily seen by snorkeling. At a depth of 60 feet, there is located one winding ravine that finally turns into a coral tunnel and leads to a high vaulted cavern beneath the reef.

Marilyn's Cutis – It is the hot spot amongst the anglers. The tip of the area is home to 15 pound Nassau grouper and a school of smaller ones. Around this dive site, you can also see the school of horse-eye jacks cruising. Here the divers can explore the combination cave and vertical crevice that together forms a chimney. This spot has lots of Nassau groupers and squirrelfish.

Randy's Gazebo – Yet another splendid dive site where the wall drops straight into the deep blue waters. The high end of the wall is home to fascinating creatures like Sailfin Blennies, Arrow Crabs, Octopus and Diamondhead Bleannies. Over and above the coral, the divers can spot black durgeon triggerfish. You can also look for blue cleaner shrimp while it plucks parasites from its gills.

Regardless of whether you plan to go for snorkeling or scuba diving, at Bloody Bay Wall there is no shortage of dive sites to explore. Bloody Bay Wall – one of the best scuba destinations in Cayman islands – is sure to make divers encounter marine creatures of all kinds with the dramatic effect of the bright colors sponges and the mesmerizing sloping reef.

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