Caves, Arch, Wreck and Tunnels: Diving Grand Cayman’s West Side

The Grand Cayman's western shore, which includes West Bay, Seven Mile Beach and George Town, is a magical diving destination that is full of tropical fish, dense & colorful coral reefs and wall dives with swim-throughs and grottos. West is Best – The Grand Cayman's west side is truly a divers delight as the waters surrounding this region boast greatest biodiversity and breathtaking underwater sightseeing that you will not be able to find anywhere else. With magnificent underwater geology, warm clear waters, and fantastic marine life, the area is a tropical paradise for visitors looking for adventurous & thrilling experiences. Let’s take a look at a handful of the best scuba diving destinations that Grand Cayman's west side has to offer:

Scuba Diving Destinations Caymans

## Big Tunnel: Discovered by local divers in the early 1980's, Big Tunnel has become a popular dive site in the Cayman area. The Big Tunnel wall is approximately 300 feet long and descends 105 feet beneath the surface. Features of this dive site include:

• This site has a massive coral archway, a labyrinth of swim-through tunnels, caves, and channels, which you can explore at your own pace.

• You will find orange tube sponges, spiny lobsters, schoolmasters, hawksbill here during your dive excursion.

• Glassy sweepers, silversides, tarpons, green moray eels, yellowtail snappers, and all sorts of tropical fish also take shelter here.

• At the bottom of the pinnacle is a second deep swim-through where you will find healthy sponge and coral life.

## Trinity Caves: Trinity Caves is the most requested dive site on the west side of Grand Cayman. Located at a depth of 70 feet below Seven Mile Beach. “Trinity” refers to three separate long tunnels full of tall coral fingers. Features of this dive site include:

• You can enter the reef section of the Trinity Caves via a large hole from its top at 40 feet. Get to explore and see lovely black corals, big tube sponges, and brilliant sea fans.

• There is an archway at the bottom of the Trinity pinnacle which will lead you onto the deep blue ocean.

• You will find massive lobsters hiding in holes, colorful tangs, angelfish, parrotfish, and plenty of other colorful fish that live there. Keep your eyes towards the sandy bottom to spot eagle rays!

## Bonnie's Arch: Bonnie's Arch is a lovely dive site located right in front of the Northwest Point of Grand Cayman. It has been named after the famous underwater photographer Bonnie Charles. The spectacular Bonnie's Arch resembles a curving park bridge. Features of this dive site include:

• The bottom of the arch is at a depth of 70 feet, large schools of horse-eyed jacks and turtles frequent this coral bridge and you can explore some undiscovered critters on every side of the Arch.

• The Arch hosts beautiful coral fingers, barrel sponges an array of reef fish and other creatures. This dive location is great for underwater photography!

## Round Rock and Bolero: Round Rock dive site actually has a round rock that encompasses a circular swim-through, leading to a deep wall at a depth of 70 feet. Bolero is a shallow dive site perfect for relaxing afternoon dives.

• The top of the round rock is filled with magnificent corals and colorful schools of reef fish.

• At the bottom of the Round Rock near the deep wall, you will be greeted by large schools of horse eye jacks.

• Bolero dive destination features brilliant sea fans and coral sponges! Different fish varieties such as basslets, blennies, triggers, and jacks can be spotted here.

## The USS Kittiwake wreck site:
The Kittiwake shipwreck diving site offers the opportunity to explore the wreckage of the Chanticleer-class submarine rescue vessel, which is over 250 feet long and has five decks. The wreck offers a fascinating exploration site for divers of all levels. Features of this wreck dive site include:

• The warm waters and incredible visibility make this site an excellent place to explore the U.S. Navy's vessel and its ghostly section including mess hall, propulsion room, radio transmission room and more.

• The USS Kittiwake wreck is home to amazing Cayman sea creatures. You will see garden eels, sting rays, eagle rays and barracudas during your dive at this wreck site.

## Devil's Grotto and Eden Rock:
Devil’s Grotto is located on the southern edge of West Wall. The corals and the marine life are amazing here. Adjacent to Devil's Grotto is Eden Rock, with a similar coral and cave system which is perfect for snorkelers and divers. Both the dive sites are filled with tarpon, silversides, parrotfish, glassy sweeper, barracuda, and tarpon.

There are so many scuba diving destinations in Cayman's west side that you may have some difficulty in choosing which is a priority during your dive charter vacation. Whether you choose to dive one or all of the sites, you are certain to have an amazing experience!

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