Adventurous Activities That You Must Enjoy While in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a collection of upscale Caribbean islands known for jaw dropping beaches, lush green surroundings, great culinary experiences and fabulous water sports activities. The Cayman Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. Grand Cayman is by far the largest, most populous, and the most visited island. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, together referred to as the Sister Islands, are remote, rural, and sparsely populated.

What should you actually do once you get to this stunning tropical destination? You might as well make the most of your time by being part of the below mentioned activities on board your own private yacht charter in the Caymans. You should absolutely be part of all these activities while visiting this gorgeous part of the world:

VISIT STINGRAY CITY – Grand Cayman is famous across the world for Stingray City. This city is a sandbar near a channel in Cayman's barrier reef. It is indeed, a unique experience where you can see, touch, and even hold a stingray! While you stand in warm, turquoise water, the stingrays will gently pass by as they look for food. You can even pet them, hold them and even kiss a stingray. There are 2 different spots in Stingray City where you can befriend stingrays for a memorable experience. No snorkeling adventure in Grand Cayman is ever complete without visiting the famous Stingray City.

FISHING ESCAPADE – Fishing is a year round sport in the Islands, with the choice of reef, deep sea and shore fishing on board your own private fishing charter in Caymans. There are no particular seasons to try out fishing, instead, anytime is a good time to fish here. Big game fish like yellowfin tuna, dolphin, blue marlin, barracuda, and wahoo are found in the waters year round. It is suggested to include the Cayman Islands in your fishing expedition travel plans. Tackle and bait are provided by the charter and the crew will help you whether you are a beginner or a novice.

DELVE INTO A DEEP DIVE – The waters off the coast of all three Cayman Islands are a hotspot for diving. Devilishly deep drop-offs, wicked wreck dives and some of the coolest corals in the Caribbean have made the Cayman Islands a world-class dive destination since scuba divers started scuba diving. With visibility that often seems infinite, the Cayman Islands boast 365 dive sites that offer some of the best diving experiences in the Caribbean Islands. Of the three islands, Grand Cayman is the most visited by scuba divers. Wall diving offers great opportunities to see spotted eagle rays and sea turtles.

RELAX ON SEVEN MILE BEACH – Seven Mile Beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beach spots in the world. While here, you can bask lazily in the sun on the powdery white sand or spend your day by being part of water sports activities. This is the perfect place in the Caymans to take in the panormaic views of the sunset. As the sun sets in the ocean and the sky turns colors, click pictures against the backdrop onboard the fishing charters in Caymans. Later sit down to treat your taste buds with scrumptious cuisine under the gaze of the bright stars.

SNORKEL AT SMITH COVE – Smith Cove – a local hotspot is a great beach location for snorkeling, barbecueing, or just hanging out in the sun. Smith’s Cove is a gorgeous ocean inlet known for its amazingly blue waters, gorgeous rock formations and snorkeling. Walk right into the water from the beach and head left or right for shallow mounds of coral. Most of the year this west side area is protected from the weather making it calm and swimmable nearly every day. You can also watch the sun go down over the rocks and snorkel with huge tropical fish in between dives off the rocks into the waters below.

So, basically when you plan your visit to the Cayman Islands, you shouldn’t come here simply for fishing, you can also be part of a wide array of activities while on board one of our luxurious fishing charters in Caymans. The above mentioned adventurous activities will surely allow you to have a gala time thus making your vacation a memorable experience.

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