Activities Your Team Can Enjoy While in the Cayman Islands

Host your corporate retreat in style! An event organized on a private corporate yacht charter is a great way to impress potential clients, boost the morale of employees and implement team building exercises in memorable settings. The spectacular backdrops and vibrant atmosphere of the Cayman Islands along with unparalleled service available on board a private yacht are perfectly suited to your expectations. Further endless activities on board your private fishing charter in Caymans will surely create a truly special occasion.

Traditional Authentic Cuisines at Rum Point – At Rum Point, from the picturesque beach and boardwalk to the tiki bar selling pina coladas and jerk fried chicken all backing onto pastel colored cabins, is pure beauty. It is the true feel of the Caribbean Island experience. No visit to Grand Cayman is complete without a visit to Rum Point. From a leisurely stroll on the beach to the exciting range of watersports, Rum Point has it all waiting for you. White sand, restaurants, water activities, and hammocks make this a perfect destination to retreat from it all.

Catch Fish When in the Cayman Islands – Fishing is a year-round sport in the Cayman Islands with the choice of reef, deep sea and shore fishing. Book a fishing charter in the Caymans for a wonderful experience. During reef fishing, expect to reel in yellowtail, snapper, blue runner, bar jack and barracuda. While deep sea fishing, you can end up catching wahoo, tuna, mahi-mahi (dolphin fish), barracuda and blue marlin weighing over 20lbs. With a plentiful supply of fish, experienced anglers and novices alike in your team of employees or clients will return to shore happy with their catch!

Go Swimming In Stingray City – Enjoy the thrilling experience of swimming with stingrays in a way that will allow you to discover and enjoy these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. The guide will brief you about their behavior; admire their large fins and even feed them during an interactive swim that will let you have the close encounter with nature and you can also see the conservation of the species. As you will stand waist deep in the clear water, your feet tucked in the fine sand, the stingrays will begin to sweep towards you.

Go Snorkeling On Little Caymans – The shallow reef system in Little Caymans makes it suitable for snorkeling. Not only are there some gorgeous sites to see, but the water conditions make it a calming activity to be part of. You can swim out and over the tip of the reef and enjoy excellent visibility. Here, you can encounter permit, parrotfish, queen conch, and many other reef fish within a variety of corals, sponges, and more at sites such as Bloody Bay Snorkeling, South Hole Sound Lagoon, and Point of Sand. The quiet, relaxed nature of Little Cayman makes it an ideal setting for activities such as snorkeling.

Explore the Seven Mile Beach – The gorgeous clear waters and the coral sands make Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman the most admired and the most beautiful beach across the world. Consisting of soft white coral sand extending seven miles on the northern side of George Town, it is not hard to find some of the best snorkel locations. This is the perfect place in the Caribbean Islands to take in the panoramic views of the sunset. As the sun sets in the ocean and the sky turns its colors, click pictures against the backdrop.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Escapade – Whale and dolphin watching is a popular activity in the Caribbean islands. There are three main attractions: the humpback whales, who come to the Caribbean during the winter to mate, raise their calves and sing; sperm whales, which are resident in various spots around the Caribbean and spotted dolphin species, which travel in large herds and are resident around many of the reefs, mangrove forests and offshore fishing banks. It is possible to see whales and dolphins from land and on some regular ferries but the closest way to encounter them is on the boat tours.

The above mentioned activities such as fishing on board your own private fishing charters in Caymans, whale and dolphin watching along with snorkeling and scuba diving will surely make your corporate retreat a memorable one for all.

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