Doc Poulson

The Doc Poulson was purposely sunk in 1981 on the western part of Grand Cayman. The dive site has been named after doctor Doc Poulson who helped to set up the first hyperbaric chamber in Grand Cayman for treating decompression sickness. The wreck was originally a Japanese cable laying ship, and is now heavily encrusted with corals. Divers can easily explore this wreck dive site as the ship sits on flat sand at about 50 feet below the surface water.

The ship wreck is about 70 feet in length and is teeming with a variety of flora and fauna including Queen Conch, blue tang, brain corals, Christmastree worms, Social Feather Duster, Goliath grouper, eels, green moray and many more. The hatches of the ship have been removed so that divers can easily explore the interior and decks. The clear waters of the Grand Cayman allow for an excellent underwater photography of the Doc Poulson wreck site. There's a crescent moon-shaped reef toward the beach that can be explored once finished with the ship wreck.

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