Devils Grotto

Devil's Grotto is located in the southern side of Seven Mile Beach, approximately 46 feet below the surface. It is separated from Eden Rock dive site by a sand gully. Devil's Grotto features dramatic underwater topography and abundant marine life which make this site very popular among first time divers, avid snorkelers and underwater photographers.

Devil's Grotto makes for a perfect addition to your Cayman dive excursion as you get to see the diversity of this underwater seamount. The calm weather conditions and warm waters allow for an amazing diving experience. While diving into coral caves and inter-connecting tunnels at the Devil’s Grotto, you get to explore the vast oceanic flora and fauna of the Cayman waters. From swimming through the huge schools of silverside fish to taking underwater pictures of rare tropical fish such as tarpon, silversides, parrotfish, barracuda, and giant sea anemones, Devil’s Grotto is a great place to snorkel for new divers as well as experienced divers who love amazing seascape.

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