Iron Shore Gardens

Located on the East End of Grand Cayman, Iron Shore Gardens is a great dive site for scuba, snorkelers and free swimmers. ‘Iron Shore’ is called so for its hard and rugged black limestone texture. This dive site features a mini-wall at a depth of 30 feet, which is decorated with amazing brain corals and sea fans. There are dozens of narrow passageways and swim-throughs that protect the site from surge.

Diving in this unique dive site of Grand Cayman – Iron Shore Gardens – can be enjoyed most with one of our dive masters aboard your exclusive luxury yacht charter. With a little advance notice, we can arrange an exclusive private charter for you, your family or groups of friends for diving and or snorkeling tours in the Iron Shore Gardens site. Our knowledgeable dive expert will guide you through the dive site so as to make sure that you don't miss the wonderful underwater scenery and the rare fish species such as tarpon and horse eye jacks that are found here.

At Yachts Caymans, our ultimate goal is to provide the finest dive experience to all our customers. To find out more about us, click the link provided here. So join us to explore the best diving spot in Grand Cayman from the comfort of your luxury dive charter!

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