Scuba Diving Little Cayman – Amazing Dive Sites

Glittering beaches, shimmering waters, breathtaking scenery, untouched tropical wilderness – everywhere you look, Little Cayman is the perfect example of what a classic island getaway should be all about!!

Scuba diving in Little Caymans is most popular amongst water sports enthusiasts across the world. With swim through, elegant coral gardens, dramatic drop offs and exotic sponges, much of the beauty lies beneath the azure waters that surround this Cayman Island. The Cayman's smallest island is home to more than 50 unique dive sites. However, the Bloody Bay Wall and the Jackson Bight are touted as two of the world’s best dive destinations. These two are home to reef sharks, lobster, octopus, eagle rays, and unique tropical fish species. For no other reason scuba divers from across the world visit Little Caymans to explore the healthy diversity of marine life and the unspoiled tranquility which is only found in the waters of Little Cayman.

Known for its amazing wall dives, beautiful coral reefs, and visibility that often reaches more than 30 meters/100 feet, Little Cayman offers some of the best scuba diving experiences in the Caribbean. Check out the most visited dive sites of Little Cayman:

Bloody Bay Wall East and West, Little Cayman – Without any doubt, the Bloody Bay Wall is the top attraction for scuba diving in Little Caymans. The world’s truly legendary dive sites are home to caverns, small caves, and crevices full of all kinds of critters to hide in. Some dive travelers have even described this coral wall as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the Diving World. This wall is so vertical that it gives the divers the feeling as if they are hanging in space. The visibility is so clear that you can easily take in the most amazing undersea panoramas.

Marine life is vivid!! There are many small reef fish such as horse-eye jacks, triggerfish, groupers and turtles. Sea fans, yellow tube sponges, red sponges and many little fish as shrimp, lobster, sea cucumbers and eels inhabit these walls. Turtles, barracudas, sharks and different type of rays can be seen swimming and looking along the wall for food.

Jackson Bight, Little Cayman – As you move east toward Jackson’s Wall, the wall undergoes transition from sheer drop-off like what experienced on Bloody Bay Wall to a more gradual sloping reef. This is further backed by a second “mini wall” and separated by an open flat sandy channel. The most favorite spot amongst diving enthusiast is Mixing Bowl in little Caymans where the Bloody Bay Wall and Jackson Wall meet. What one experiences here is the wall transition from a sheer drop-off to a more gradual slope. On the sheer wall, one can come across turtles or sharks, while in the back you can see plenty of cleaning stations, jawfish, shrimps, and crabs.


No matter what you do while in Little Cayman, diving will most likely be the highlight. There are other activities too, to keep you amused during your downtime.

CYCLING – Grab and hop on a courtesy bicycle and go on to explore the sights of the city. En route you can see land iguanas taking in the sun along the roadside. Little Cayman is home to the largest iguana population — so much so that on the islands are posted signs that read “Iguana Crossing.” This is a reminder to people to slow down and have a look at these prehistoric-looking creatures.

BOODY POND NATURE RESERVE – This landlocked saltwater lagoon surrounded by mangroves provides a habitat for many types of wetland and shore birds along with a high diversity of native plants. The reserve is home to the Caribbeans largest known nesting colony of red-footed boobies and the Caymans Islands’ only breeding colony of magnificent frigatebirds.

FISHING – Fishing is also a favorite pastime on Little Cayman. There is bonefishing on the coastal flats and deep-sea fishing off the walls. Many light tackle and fly fishermen come here seeking a “grand slam” — a catch-and-release that consists of a tarpon, a permit, and a bonefish landed on the same day.

There are two kinds of divers that visit Little Cayman — those who always return and those who will return. Scuba diving in Little Caymans is considered to be the biggest adventure you will find in the Caribbean. If you are looking for a most memorable dive vacation, then consider putting Little Cayman on the top of your list.

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