A Call Out To All Snorkeling Enthusiasts – Don’t Miss Out on These Spots in the Cayman Islands

Calm seas, crystal clear water and beautiful coral reefs close to shore make Coral Island – one of the best spots to have an amazing snorkeling experience. Snorkeling is a safe and easy way to enjoy the spectacular marine life to be found in the warm clear waters of Cayman. The calm sea conditions and the remarkable water visibility make snorkeling the most popular activity on the West Coast of Grand Cayman.

coral gardens snorkeling in the Cayman Islands

Coral Gardens snorkeling in the Cayman Islands along with Cemetery Reef at the north end of seven-mile beach, the wreck of the Cali to the north of George Town harbor, Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto to the South of the harbor are all popular spots to make your snorkeling escapade a memorable one. Stingray City and the Sand Bar are also two very popular snorkeling areas in the North Sound that can only be visited by a boat.

USS KITTIWAKE – The Kittiwake is located at a depth of 64 feet. The tallest portion of the ship is just 15 feet below the waterline. The only way for anyone to snorkel here is to book a tour through a licensed tour operator. While snorkeling, you will be able to see main decks and topography. You can also look down the smokestacks and see to the bottom of the ship’s hull and engine rooms. There is a fee involved which goes to maintaining this artificial reef and the surrounding natural reefs.

CORAL GARDENS – During coral gardens snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, experience the wonder of some of the best swimming, snorkeling and diving in the world. The azure water here is protected by a large reef about one mile from shore, and a smaller reef just steps away from the shoreline. “The White House Reef" snorkel trail is probably one of the most frequently visited sights on this island by tourists and locals alike. While snorkeling you can spot tropical fish, sea turtles, dolphins, crabs, huge lobsters, eels, and manta rays.

QUEENS MONUMENT – This area of snorkeling is also known by the name of Babylon Reef and Connoly's Cove. It is called Queen's Monument because there is an actual monument by the roadside that commemorates the dedication of Old Robin Rd by Queen Elizabeth. Once you are in the water, you can come across some very nice coral out-croppings that are worth exploring. There will be Blue Tangs and Sergeant majors that will keep you company as you explore the wonders of this site.

SMITH BARCADERE – Commonly referred to as Smith's Cove by snorkelers, it simply means a place where boats land. It is indeed a very nice sand beach area with umbrella shades dotted along the shore. You can see plenty of juvenile fish in this area. The high concentration of coral reefs makes it one of the best spot to try snorkeling in the Cayman Islands. If you want to explore further, just 20 yards out from the cave entrance is where you will find some coral heads which will make your snorkeling adventure even more amazing.

RUM POINT – The area is famous for different spots where the visitors can snorkel and lack Durgeon, Blue Tangs, Yellow Snapper are just a few of the fish that will be keeping you company. If you continue exploring, you will come across two areas which are called the coral gardens and they offer some great photo opportunities. The best snorkeling here is done on the inside portion of the reef. This area is part of a marine sanctuary, and so there is a definite don't touch and don't take policy.

DEVIL'S GROTTO – Devil's Grotto and Eden Rock are two snorkeling spots which are located close together. These two areas are home to a myriad of spectacular coral formations. Cruise over the caves, tunnels and chimneys, all of which are a dramatic backdrop to the colorful fish. The colorful sponges are surely gonna delight your senses.

Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands is considered to be a one of a kind adventure and an activity the whole family can be part of. Grab your snorkel gear and discover an unforgettable underwater world during coral gardens snorkeling in the Cayman Islands.

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