Sunset Charter

Experience the sunset on the stunning waters of the Cayman Islands like never before on our fabulous Sunset Cruise! During your cruise you will have the opportunity to watch the sunset over the Caymanian horizon with great music in the background and the cool breeze caressing your face. It is an absolutely a breathtaking experience to watch the hues of colors scattered all around the sky and the shimmering expanse of blue waters at your feet with the islands in the background.

Sunset charters allow you to see the Caymans from a totally different perspective. Cruise past the infamous islands of Cayman – around 7 Mile Beach, along the beautiful shorelines of Brac or near Starfish Point – as the sun sets over the Caribbean Sea. Share refreshing drinks and eats  with your special someone and or friends or family while enjoying the incredible views. You will see the world around you changing color over just a brief period. Stroll the deck while enjoying the cool evening weather, take pictures of the fabulous sights or simply cherish the moments of complete relaxation together with your friends or family.

Our sunset cruises have become a popular excursion among all those who like a simple yet stunning Cayman experience. Our sunset cruise charters are equipped with all the comforts and amenities that come with our standard yacht charters. We recommend booking in advance. It’s a good idea to book your yacht charters by calling us at the number given at the top of the page or emailing us anytime.

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