Rum Point Grand Caymans – Rum Point Vacations, Cayman Islands

Rum Point Grand Caymans - Rum Point Cayman Islands

Rum Point in Grand Caymans is a memorable holiday spot known for its shimmering turquoise waters, tall pines & mudslides. Contact us to book your yacht now!

Rum Point

Rum Point is one of the most popular yachting destinations in Grand Cayman for visitors and adventure-seekers alike. Once the debris of rum barrels washed ashore from floundering ships, since then this destination has been named “Rum Point”. From crystal clear waters, amazing pine trees to mudslides, Rum Point can provide you great opportunities for adventurous activities during your next beach vacation. It is a beach paradise where you can not only just enjoy great dishes and drinks, but you can also participate in various water sports.

Rum Point Grand Caymans

If you are visiting the Caymans on vacation or just for the day, Rum Point is a must see and experience. The calm, shallow waters surrounding this beach is ideal for swimming or swinging gently in a hammock under the shade of a Casuarina tree if that is what you choose, but most tourist come to this spot for its energetic atmosphere. Rum Point is conveniently located close to Stingray City along with several other great snorkeling spots making it the perfect place to have lunch and take in a few drinks before heading back out onto the pristine ocean waters. Whether you are hanging out at one of the beach side bars, participating in the wide range of water sports or just enjoying a beach side massage, Rum Point has it all waiting for you.

Discover the beauty and enjoyment of Rum Point on a luxury yacht charter with us. Let our experienced staff on board your own chartered vessel help you explore the many different sites of the Caymans including Rum Point. To discover more about the type of yachts we have available for charter, click the Type of Yachts link provided here, or simply fill out the Contact Form provided on this site, and we will provide any information that will assist in enabling you to make a more informed decision.